This is the only real thing i have going for me. it's an untitled comic still in kind of early stages about four people nearing the end of the world. some, such as milton and claire, are trying to prevent it. others, such as normand and derek, couldn't care less. theres a lot of plants and transgenderism.

BONES AND ROADKILL (CW. kind of meaty? I dont know if it counts as gory but theres a lot of meat)

bones and roadkill has been many things. a short film, a comic, a video game, interactive fiction. none of those things have really worked yet (except for the video game. that has potential i think) but i am still trying. i dont know what it's really about. i guess you will have to click to find out.


the brains experience is a collection of . Some Sort of Art about a mad scientist by the name of Lorraine Brains and her various victims and creations. Also follows Victor Lovecraft and Janet Driscoll as they try to get Lorraine thrown in jail.

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