YOU HAVE FOUND THE ABOUT ME PAGE. THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT ME... THE ZOMBIE KITTY HIMSELF. my name is vincent. i am SOMEWHERE IN MY TEENAGE YEARS. i make art (comics, animations, dolls, general drawings, paintings, etc.. a man of many Activities). I am inspired by things such as TWIN PEAKS, SOME SELECT HORROR MOVIES,...homestuck..., AND HALF LIFE (and resident evil.. a little bit). these also happen to be my favorite things in the world! also i am inspired by the works of people such as JHONEN VASQUEZ, JAMES LEE, MAX GRAVES, and some other artists too. Probably. I hope to make something really cool... one day. I am a PROUD DEVO-tee. i have a good amount of ocs that i hope people like+relate to because i like+relate to them.